Focus Objectives for K1/K2

Character building
Learn to take up responsibilities, be considerate towards others and self-discipline
Learn values through reciting classical Chinese and English poetry and daily activities.
Enhance leadership qualities and responsibilities through daily duty roosters.

Deepen children’s concepts thinking skills through the program of Growing with Mathematics.
Learn mathematical concepts through songs, stories and concrete hands-on materials.

Aesthetics and Creative Expression
Focus is on the process and positive learning experiences.
Allow children to be expressive, creative and imaginative through Music and Movement

Language and Literacy
Phonological Awareness
– phoneme (identify the beginning and ending sounds of words and blending of sounds to form a word)
-graphemes (to decode unfamiliar word)

Conduct Thematic lessons with songs, stories, rhymes and age appropriated activities/games.
Do home-based research project and Show and Tell sessions in school.

Motor Skill Development
Learn about space awareness (where the body moves), effort awareness (how the body moves) and relationship awareness (with whom the body moves) .
Enhance listening skill while follow simple rules/instructions during a game.
Learn about safety around them during the process of activities.

Social and Emotional Development
Learn to respond and verbalise their thoughts and ideas about their day in school/lessons through ‘Appreciation sharing circle time’ .

Let children develop the confidence to express, to change and adapt new skills.
Learn to regulate and manage their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. When they are able to adjust their behaviour to accommodate others, they learn to appreciate one another and able to build a stronger interpersonal relationship.


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